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Regulatory Fairness Act of 2013 proposes state agency oversight by the legislature

Representative Overstreet (R-Bellingham) is the prime sponsor for a bill titled the Regulatory Fairness Act of 2013. This bill proposes more state agency oversight by the legislature.

It’s refreshing to see legislation that seeks to promote individual liberty and prosperity while balancing the need to provide fair health and safety protection. Rep. Overstreet proposes his solution in this bill.

Rep. Overstreet proposes that any agency rule that creates an economic impact--a cost to an individual of more than $500, or a cost to a business of more than $1,000--must be submitted for approval to the Legislature for approval before it’s enacted into law.

I’ve been a witness to many business moving out of Thurston County, either to other counties, or to other states seeking relief from onerous regulations. People and businesses will move to places where they can be prosperous, and agency regulations often are the culprit of dampening these opportunities.

Rep. Overstreet was inspired by Governor Gregoire’s Executive Orders 10-03 and 11-06 which recognized the link between economic growth and regulations when she suspended all “non-critical rulemaking”. Unfortunately, state agencies have their own interpretation of critical and non-critical rules, and agency rulemaking was only slightly curbed by the Governor’s orders.

I testified in favor of the bill today by request of Rep. Overstreet. You can hear the testimony below:

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