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Thousands Gather in Olympia for the Guns Across America Rally

Guns Across America Rally

Over two thousand people in Olympia joined others who gathered at state capitols around the nation in peaceful protest for the Guns Across America Rally. The gun rights activists gathered in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and also in response to President Obama's pledge to enact further restrictions on gun ownership.

Many activists brought their own holstered firearms displayed, visibly exercising their right to open-carry in Washington. Others, like a mother with her child in tow, wants school teachers to have the right to protect her children with guns.

There is an emerging air of defiance with gun owners in response to the government's consideration of new gun control regulations--especially in response to so-called "assault rifles". Signs, jacket patches, and bumper stickers were seen everywhere that read "Come and Take It" or the latin version "Molon labe".

Rally speakers included Representative David Taylor (R-Yakima), Clint Didier, former US Senate and State Lands Commissioner candidate and Shahram Hadian, former Gubernatorial candidate.

Hadian gave an inspiring speech with many applause lines, including:

Now some of our leaders and the media elite suggest we should appeal the 2nd amendment altogether. (crowd boos) As if somehow this will solve the morale, economic and national security crisis that we are in. I have two things to say to those leaders: 1.) I encourage you to remember the precious blood that was shed to secure our unalienable rights, and 2.) I would be more than happy to buy you a one way ticket to any Socialist, Communist, or Islamic country that practices... (cheers) ...that practices tyranny over their citizens. You have no business changing the foundation of this country and the right of its citizens to defend against tyranny. (cheers)

Here is Hadian's entire speech recorded by We The People of Vancouver:


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