July 02, 2008 Print

Today's Washington gas tax increase: Highest to most highest

State government is set to get an even bigger slice of your gas money starting today, as the gas tax increases by 1.5 cents to 37.5 cents a gallon.
Washington already out-paces its competitors as the highest gas tax state in the nation. The new addition will widen the gap.
The increase is part of a 9 cent a gallon tax increase passed in 2005 that includes $2 billion for the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement, $500 million for the 520 Bridge replacement, and $185 million for the ferries.
After more than three years of bickering, we finally have a 520 replacement PLAN (the bridge is still six years away). Politicians are showing worse delay with the viaduct (no replacement plan in sight). But at least we've got the ferries...oh that's right, the Department of Transportation hasn't even put the new ferries up for bid yet.
So...how 'bout those Mariners?
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