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Video: Forced Unionization Hurts Families

Should parents who love their kids be forced to join a union?

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) thinks so, at least for parents of disabled kids. The SEIU is making millions of dollars with their strategy to extend state "collective bargaining" laws to parents who receive a state subsidy to help them care for disabled kids at home. In states like Mighigan and Washington, the SEIU has convinced legislators to treat these subsidized care-givers as state employees only for the purpose of extracting union dues from them.

Earlier this year, the Freedom Foundation's video team helped Michigan's Mackinac Center for Public Policy tell the story of Detroit's Haynes family. Watch the story and decide for yourself what you think about the SEIU strategy to forcibly unionize caregivers.

If you want to stand up for people like the Haynes right here in Washington, support our work as we tell the story of union abuses and work to protect the rights of parents, teachers, and other workers from abusive union monopolies.


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