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What's hot today at the legislature - February 8, 2013

Two committees have canceled their hearings today, including, once again, the House Committee on Government Accountability & Oversight. New Rep. Chad Magendanz has a hearing this afternoon on HB 1475, his bill to allow local school districts the freedom to innovate and respond to local needs by creating a path out from under many state mandates. Up for executive session at the same hearing is HB 1304, which would allow private schools to offer online programs.

The House Local Government Committee will hear HB 1224, which would allow counties will less than 20,000 residents to opt out of planning under the Growth Management Act. Over in the Senate, SB 5437--to clarify that it's illegal to drive a boat while high on marijuana--had a hearing this morning.

Be sure to check out recent Freedom Foundation posts and stories at The Olympia Report about specific bills together with videos of our expert testimony.



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