Constitutional Law

The Freedom Foundation's Theodore L. Stiles Center for Liberty advances the rule of law and a legal climate where individuals can exercise their fundamental liberties and government is limited to its proper role.

We seek to defend individuals against government encroachments upon their rights; unite lawyers who believe that the purpose of the law is to protect liberty; promote a judiciary that embraces its obligation to interpret the constitution; and expand the public's understanding of the rule of law.

We accomplish these goals through public interest litigation, filing amicus curiae briefs in state and federal courts, hosting events on significant legal issues, and publishing resources about the state constitution and the state courts.

To the WA Legislature: Restore Open, Accountable Government

The Washington State Supreme Court recently decided to weaken our state’s open government laws. Eight justices ruled that executive-branch politicians should get the benefit of the doubt when they hide information from the public. This ruling must not stand.

Gov. Inslee: Keep Government Open and Accountable

In an 8-1 decision, the Washington State Supreme Court amended the state’s open government laws to allow the governor to ignore public records requests unless the citizen requesting the records can prove a pressing “need” for the documents. This decision will make it nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to hold governors accountable by reviewing their public records.

Jerry Schmidt Case - Animal Husbandry

Bringing Horse Sense to Washington’s Veterinary Laws: Freeing citizens to earn a living performing basic animal husbandry.

Horses are an iconic image of freedom and the American spirit. For hundreds of years, American horse owners have been allowed to seek help from whomever they thought best qualified to provide the basic animal husbandry services that kept their animals comfortable, productive, and healthy.

Amicus Curiae Network

The Freedom Foundation's Theodore L. Stiles Center for Liberty hosts a service for conservative and libertarian organizations and attorneys in Washington State to facilitate amicus curiae support in significant cases before the state appellate courts.

The Right of Self-Defense: An Introduction

This publication is an overview of the Right of Self-Defense, a liberty enumerated in the 2nd Amendment of our nation's Constitution. It covers the origins of this right, as well as what protections are afforded under the U.S. and Washington Constitutions. This is a great tool for grassroots organizations, discussion groups, and even parents who want to supplement their children's education on the Constitution. 

Foundation will not appeal free speech case against City of Tumwater

OLYMPIA --The Freedom Foundation announced today it will not appeal a lower court ruling issued last month in a case disputing whether the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows city officials to remove political signs from a citizen’s private property.

Washington Constitution published by the Freedom Foundation

The Freedom Foundation is pleased to release its latest publication, a pocket-sized edition of the Washington State Constitution. Order your copy today!

When does a protest simply become a nuisance'

With no permit, no plans and no idea what they're protesting, the Occupy Olympia crowd could be here for quite a while

Freedom Foundation v. Christine Gregoire

The Freedom Foundation is taking Governor Christine Gregoire to the Washington State Supreme Court to fight against a major expansion of government secrecy. Two questions are raised in our lawsuit. The first is whether the governor can withhold records from public review without citing a statutory exemption. Second, we ask if the constitutional theory of executive privilege trumps Washington’s Public Records Act.

Freedom Foundation v. Gregoire

In April 2010, the Freedom Foundation requested several documents from the governor's office. The governor produced some documents, but withheld others on the basis of executive privilege. The governor's office insists that the constitutional theory of executive privilege entitles her to shield certain discussions and documents from public scrutiny. However, executive privilege is not a recognized statutory exemption found in the Public Records Act. Since 2007, the governor's office has invoked executive privilege 500 times.

Governor shouldn't have right to keep public records from us

This state’s Supreme Court has an opportunity to defend an important principle on public records. The court must decide whether Gov. Chris Gregoire, or any future governor, has the right to withhold documents from public examination based on “executive privilege.”

McClanahan vs. City of Tumwater

Can a city prohibit free speech on public property?

OG Pod: Police misconduct reports must be released

Mike Reitz and Greg Overstreet discuss the Supreme Court decision in Bainbridge Island Police Guild v. City of Puyallup. Investigations of alleged police misconduct must be released but the names of exonerated officers may be withheld.

This Week At The Supreme Court: Sex Offender Fights To Restore His Voting Rights

A convicted sex offender fights to have his voting rights restored.

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