Students and parents in Washington State are not getting their money's worth, especially given how much the state spends per pupil. Stagnant test scores and embarrassing graduation rates are the results.

We analyze reform efforts and recommend solutions to bring Washington students a World Class education system to meet 21st Century needs.

Higher Education

Hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and tuition flow to Washington state's institutions of higher learning. Then what happens? Do taxpayers get a good return for the investment? Do students and families? The Freedom Foundation believes in bringing accountability to public higher education in Washington state so that students, families, taxpayers, and policymakers can answer these questions.

iLearn Project

The iLearn Project was created in 2010 when the Freedom Foundation recognized that online learning is changing the way the world does school—for the better.

WEA settles with teachers and will pay for free speech violations

OLYMPIA—The Washington Education Association (WEA) has agreed to return $225,000 to teachers after using their wages for the union’s political agenda without their authorization. This settlement ends a nine-year lawsuit that included an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in which the high court ruled in favor of the teachers, Davenport v. WEA. The suit began when the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) filed a complaint with the Public Disclosure Commission. To date, the WEA has been ordered or agreed to pay over $1 million for violating teachers’ rights in this case.

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April 14, 2014

WEA endorses parent choice and other strangeness

WEA recently held its annual "Representative Assembly" and approved a policy statement that would seem to support parent choice.
April 11, 2014

5 Facts about Education Funding

Here are five key education funding facts to put you in the know about the state's most expensive program.