Citizens Speak up Against Thurston County's No Shooting Ordinance

Thurston County "listened," and they changed the name to "Controlled Shooting" ordinance. I guess Thurston County thinks that sounds better, and maybe they believe people won't pay attention to what this ordinance actually does. Change the name, and then everyone will think it is okay, regardless of what is written.As a follow-up on the No Shooting Ordinance saga, here is the current status of this very bad idea hatched by our Commissioner’s extremely biased, and unbalanced “work group” formed last year. Since we posted about this issue, there have been more developments. First, a large number of citizens showed up and spoke at Tuesday’s Commissioner meeting during the public comment time. Some good comments were made, and I’ve attached a brief highlights video of these folk speaking above. We edited this video for brevity and to give the viewer a sense of what was being said. We also cut a lot of speakers out of the video just to save time; however, the gist of the meeting was pretty well represented here. When we get a chance, we will post up everyone’s specific testimony in its entirety on our YouTube site. Interestingly, Thurston County has decided to make a couple of cosmetic changes to this worthless, pointless, and illegal ordinance draft. Most importantly it is no longer the “No Shooting Ordinance.” Oh no, they have seen the light. Now it is the “Controlled Shooting Ordinance” which they renamed the same ordinance draft after the testimony given by these local hunters and shooters. I guess they think everyone will just ignore the content and flawed process that got us to this situation in the first place because they changed the name of the ordinance. I’m not sure how gullible they think people are about these little tweaks, but I suspect most people are wise to the game and won’t be fooled by little cosmetic changes like this. Apparently it is not enough to take our property or put people last as general policy in Thurston County. The pocket gophers, prairie ordinances, stormwater fees from schools, massive new fees for septic tank owners, empty $45 million jails, and other policy gems were not enough. Now, a direct and probably illegal assault on gun rights seems to be the next line of attack. I’m impressed, and I will congratulate the Commissioners on the full spectrum of the diversity of our rights which they have chosen to regulate at one time. It is impressive. I don’t blame the Thurston County Commissioners for this bad ordinance or the other terrible policies that they are trying to implement. I don't think some elected officials can help themselves. It also really isn’t the fault of county staff that have enabled and promoted this process. I can really only blame apathy. Our apathy - mine included. Bad ideas like this can only occur when most reasonable citizens are not paying attention or don’t care about what their local government is doing. Last year, I assumed this was such a bad idea, any educated, knowledgeable group of people would bury it before it saw the light of day. However, I was wrong, and in fact it has become worse than ever now. People have to get involved in local government to stop bad ideas like this. Local government won't take care of itself. We’ll keep you posted on this and other bad ideas that local government attempts to impose on us.


Glen Morgan

Property Rights Director

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