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Labor Reform Publications

Unions support big government. Big government supports unions. But what about the rest of us?

StrikeHeadlineTiltedMost Americans don't like being told what to do. Yet many government employees are forced, as a condition of working, to pay dues to private union organizations. These union monopolies overcharge workers and spend huge sums of money on political campaigns and lobbying. And, since union power comes from government, union lobbyists always push for bigger and more powerful government.

In fact, government unions are the biggest lobby in Washington State for bigger government. Their undue influence drowns out taxpayers, but taxpayers have had enough. Just like citizens in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Washington is ripe for change, for reforms that protect workers and taxpayers alike. The Freedom Foundation is the leading advocate for that change.

October 25, 2013

SeaTac Unions Fail to Live Up to Employment Standards

The seven local labor unions backing SeaTac's Proposition 1 fail to provide many of their own employees with full-time, $15 an hour jobs, though they appear quite able to do so.
October 25, 2013

Employee Freedom: A Public Employee's Guide to Opting Out of Union Membership

We believe every employee should be able to make the decision about union membership that is best for him or her. Our goal is to make sure that Washington workers know their options.
July 29, 2013

Union Influence in the 2013 Legislature

Now that the dust has settled from 2013’s three legislative sessions, the final lobbying reports have been turned in to the state Public Disclosure Commission. Unsurprisingly, three of the top five lobbying spenders were government unions.
July 25, 2013

SeaTac "Good Jobs" Initiative Would Hurt Workers and Businesses

Like many other cities across the country, the minimum wage debate has come to SeaTac. A local initiative proposes to “Set Minimum Employment Standards for Hospitality and Transportation Industry Employers” in SeaTac. Among other measures, the initiative would require certain employers to pay workers a $15 minimum wage, indexed to inflation, and provide mandatory paid sick leave. Unfortunately, the need for the initiative is overstated and the proposed solution wo...Read more here
April 05, 2012

Financing Pensions

This proposal essentially lures money from private-sector workers and companies into the bankrupt state pension systems. Our state and local government pension systems are already heading toward bankruptcy.
December 15, 2011

Governor would rather see State Patrol troopers injured than Occupy Olympia protesters

Gregoire thinks altercations when special session opened and State Patrol troopers were injured should be the model for how efforts to close "Occupy" encampment should go
November 18, 2011

So tell me again why we're doing this'

A fascinating exchange during a recent select committee hearing in Olympia offers an insight into how things get done -- or not -- in the Legislature
October 31, 2011

Washington has nation's highest minimum wage -- and youth unemployment soars because of it

The numbers prove what your gut should tell you -- when you increase the cost of hiring workers, fewer workers are going to be hired.
October 19, 2011

Public and private pension systems are like apples and oranges

If you're going to compare one the other, it might help if you applied the same accounting procedures to both
November 11, 2010

Election yielded some clear winners

In Washington state, progress toward liberty and freedom are necessarily measured in small steps. This is a state that’s so blue it was once called the Soviet of Washington by FDR’s postmaster general. The roots run deep.
April 07, 2010


April 05, 2010

WEA settles with teachers and will pay for free speech violations

OLYMPIA—The Washington Education Association (WEA) has agreed to return $225,000 to teachers after using their wages for the union’s political agenda without their authorization. This settlement ends a nine-year lawsuit that included an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in which the high court ruled in favor of the teachers, Davenport v. WEA. The suit began when the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) filed a complaint with the Public Disclosure Commission. To date, ...Read more here
March 12, 2010

State worker compensation analysis needs close scrutiny

Organized labor and the private sector both call for “shared sacrifice” to close the looming budget deficit. Organized labor wants higher taxes. The private sector wants to lower public spending. Some studies suggest that state workers’ pay and benefits packages could use trimming; some claim state employee salaries are comparable to the private sector.
March 11, 2010

Study: Labor Reform Would Boost Economy, Worker Freedom

A new labor reform model could help jumpstart America's economy and restore workers’ rights. Sweeping the Shop Floor: a New Labor Model for America, from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF), describes how outdated labor laws have increased the political power of public-sector unions far beyond the purpose of representing members, wreaking havoc on state and local economies and individual liberty.
March 05, 2010

A Tale of Two Washingtons

Continued Disparity between Private and Public Sector Wages
March 03, 2010

State Employee Contracts, Unfunded Liabilities Unsustainable

lready put-upon taxpayers face a future fiscal tidal wave thanks to generous state employee contracts and unfunded healthcare and pension liabilities. Even as Governor Gregoire repeatedly talks about the dire condition of the state’s economy—“the worst recession since the Great Depression”—she refuses to declare a fiscal emergency and require union contracts to be renegotiated. Meanwhile, majority party lawmakers, rather than getting spending under co...Read more here
February 18, 2010

Written Testimony on SHB 1329 ' Providing collective bargaining for child care center directors and

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation has some concerns related to the provisions of SHB 1329:
February 10, 2010

New study offers recommendations to boost economy and restore worker rights

oday, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation unveiled a 21st Century labor reform model that could help jumpstart America's economy. Sweeping the Shop Floor: a New Labor Model for America shows where the labor movement has gone off track and offers a proposal for positive reform.
September 10, 2009

Judge hammers Kent teachers, union ' stiff fines if no return to classroom

Olympia - King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas, following up on her September 3 order declaring the Kent teachers strike to be illegal, laid down both the law and stiff fines to striking teachers and their union.
September 03, 2009

History of Washington teacher strikes

The Washington Education Association (WEA)—defending current teacher strikes—has stated that the legality of the strikes is unclear. The record may help clarify the issue.