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SeaTac "Good Jobs" Initiative Would Hurt Workers and Businesses

Like many other cities across the country, the minimum wage debate has come to SeaTac. A local initiative proposes to “Set Minimum Employment Standards for Hospitality and Transportation Industry Employers” in SeaTac. 

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Among other measures, the initiative would require certain employers to pay workers a $15 minimum wage, indexed to inflation, and provide mandatory paid sick leave. Unfortunately, the need for the initiative is overstated and the proposed solution would fail to achieve its goals.

In his publication, SeaTac "Good Jobs Initiative Would Hurt Workers and Businesses," Labor Reform Analyst Max Nelsen outlines the weaknesses of this initiative and the harm it could bring to SeaTac and the surrounding area. 

Quick Summary: 

  • Viewing wage increases as a social justice issue reduces a worker’s inherent dignity  to the size of his or her paycheck. 
  • The size of the proposed minimum wage  increase in SeaTac is unprecedented.
  • The arguments for higher wages at SeaTac airport are flawed and misleading. 
  • Minimum wage increases harm employment, particularly among the least-skilled  workers. 
  • Minimum wage increases also discourage  future economic development and increase  prices. 
  • Claims that minimum wage increases stimulate the economy are unfounded. 
  • Unions support minimum wage hikes out of their own self-interest.
  • Paid sick leave has failed to perform as promised in Connecticut.

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