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STOP Thurston County invites Thurston County Commissioners to debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 11, 2011 Contact: Scott Roberts Property Rights Director Freedom Foundation 360-956-3482 S.T.O.P. Thurston County offers to Debate Commissioners at The Evergreen State College OLYMPIA—Today, Stop Taking Our Property (STOP) Thurston County offered to debate the merits and implementation of the Critical Areas Ordinance and the Emergency Prairie Ordinance in Thurston County with Thurston County Commissioners at a date of their choosing at The Evergreen State College. “We recognize that our County Commissioners have busy schedules and may need to make some time to accommodate this opportunity, but we are offering to help them provide a public forum where the merits of these ordinances and their impact on our community and our environment can be debated in full view of the public,” said Glen Morgan, STOP Thurston County project manager. “We wouldn’t expect them to understand the science or all the details behind it, but they should be very effective at presenting their policy rationale and justification for the implementation of this harmful and destruction regulation.” STOP Thurston County has offered a three-person panel to debate the merits of this legislation equally with the three Thurston County Commissioners—Kathy Wolfe, Sandra Romero and Karin Valenzuela. This three-person panel would include Morgan, Freedom Foundation Property Rights Director Scott Robert and Kevin O’Sullivan, former Thurston County Commissioner and Assessor. “Thurston County employees frequently tell us that it is not their fault and they point at the County Commissioners when we question or challenge the problems and merits of the Critical Areas Ordinances or the Emergency Prairie Ordinance,” Morgan explained. “It isn’t fair to Thurston County staff to expect them to justify policies with which they may not agree. However, the choice to implement these policies is entirely controlled by the commissioners, so they should be most capable of justifying and explaining why this harmful, destructive, and unpopular legislation is being implemented in our county.” “We just think that The Evergreen State College would be a very comfortable environment for the commissioners, and this might encourage them to debate this issue for the first time in public,” Roberts added. “We can pick a professor at Evergreen to moderate the debate, and I can’t think of a better venue to showcase this conversation than our local state college.” STOP Thurston County is a recently formed grass-roots organization focused on restoring the public’s voice in the policy debate about property rights in Thurston County. Its mission also includes helping to educate the public on the effects of the Critical Areas Ordinance and the Emergency Prairie Ordinance in Thurston County. # # # Nothing in this document should be construed as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage of any legislation or ballot measure.


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